Export Packing

Packing Services for Overseas Shipping

At International Sea & Air Shipping, we offer a full range of packing services to suit your needs and budget. We offer a pick up only service if you choose to pack your own goods, or we can provide a full-service move with packing and custom crating services to protect your goods. We recommend letting professionals pack your goods for an international move for optimal protection — your shipment will be traveling a long way!


Packing Services

Our team of packing experts will pre-wrap your fragile and delicate items (such as china, glassware, knick-knacks, figurines, etc.) with tissue or bubble wrap and then pack them securely into cartons or wooden cases just as we would for paintings, sculptures, and pianos. Our quality packing methods and materials ensure the safe arrival of your goods overseas — and your peace of mind, too!

Custom Crating

Need to pack large, fragile, valuable or difficult items? To ensure the protection of specialty items like artwork and antiques, we offer crating services to give you peace of mind during your overseas move.

At International Sea & Air Shipping, we have our own carpenters and case building stations located in our warehouse facility. We custom build any size case to pack your fragile goods to prevent any damages while they are shipped overseas.

We also specialize in export casing items such as pianos, grandfather clocks, statues, artwork, paintings, chandeliers, fine china, and much more.

If you are planning to include any of the above or other fragile items in your international shipment, please let us know and we will provide you with the most cost effective estimate.


Furniture Wrapping Services

When moving furniture overseas we recommend our professional furniture wrapping service. We will carefully blanket-wrap your sofa, table, china cabinet, dresser, or any other furniture item to protect the delicate surface and prevent scratches, chips or tears.

Inside Delivery and Unpacking Services

When you arrive in your new country, we can provide inside delivery, unpacking services and removal of packing materials. We recommend this service to customers not familiar with their overseas moving destination, those unfamiliar with the local waste management services, or those who do not have a vehicle to dispose of materials.


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Packing & Unpacking Services for your international move.