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Inside Delivery Services

Packing_NYCInside delivery service with an LTL carrier does not necessarily mean what the name suggests. When this service is requested on a shipment going to a business, the carrier will take the freight into the storefront for delivery. On a residential delivery, the LTL carrier will only take the shipment onto the property, or into the garage of the residence. Typical residential delivery services entail the shipment being delivered to the curb, not driveway or garage. White Glove deliveries are shipments that require special attention which the LTL carrier does not offer. With White Glove couriers, the shipment will be professionally packaged, strapped to the truck to minimize damage, and delivered to the location to where the shipment needs to go, i.e. inside the residence. A White Glove service can also install the freight in many instances. To summarize, an Inside Delivery means the LTL carrier will deliver this to the driveway or garage, but not inside the residence. The carrier will however deliver this inside of the storefront. A white glove service means a courier will properly package, ship, and deliver anywhere the customer needs it to deliver.

Depending on what is being shipped, paying for a service relies on the type of product’s shipment method and its needs. In the case of inside delivery, the freight is delivered to a residential address. Inside delivery requires a carrier moving the shipment to a driveway, garage, or porch. The drivers are not required to take the freight inside of the home. For a business, the freight is to be placed inside or at the entrance of the business building. If there were to be any further instruction, the cost of shipping will increase because of specialized instruction.

White glove delivery is requested when what is being shipped is delicate or requires special processing and handling. It could be considered the “VIP” of packages because shippers identify the specialty services that would be best for handling your shipment. White glove services will deliver your items to a destination you want. This service will also unload and bring the item to the location of your choosing. White glove is beneficial for bulky items like furniture. They will help you move it where you want it to be and take away all packaging materials and garbage after it is settled. It is important to understand the difference in service before paying for a method that doesn’t meet your shipment’s needs. By explaining the certain services, we want to ensure your delivers are a stress-free experience! If you would like to use any of our courier services and different delivery methods, please contact us today!

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