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Embarking on an international move from Arkansas is an exhilarating yet intricate undertaking. Whether driven by work, family, or the pursuit of adventure, successfully navigating the complexities of international relocation is vital for a smooth transition. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the necessary insights and resources, empowering you to embark on your international journey from Arkansas with assurance, ensuring a promising start to your new chapter. We’ve got all aspects covered, from professional packing and essential paperwork to the selection of best shipping methods, we are here to serve you best!

International Movers Arkansas

Arkansas: Natural State

Arkansas, often referred to as the “Natural State,” boasts diverse natural beauty, including lush forests, scenic lakes, and numerous national parks. The Ozark Mountains in the northern part of the state offer outdoor enthusiasts’ opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities, while the Mississippi River defines the eastern border, providing fertile lands for agriculture and trade. Being aware of Arkansas’s unique geography and culture can help you appreciate the state’s charm and prepare effectively for your international move.

3 Important Cities in Alaska

Little Rock

The capital city of Arkansas, Little Rock, is a major hub for commerce and transportation. It has a well-developed infrastructure that can assist with your international move.


Located in the northwest part of the state, Fayetteville is known for its cultural scene and the presence of the University of Arkansas. It’s also home to many international shipping companies that can help with your move.

Fort Smith

Situated on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, Fort Smith is another city with access to transportation routes that can facilitate your international move.

Ports Near Arkansas for International Moving & Shipping

When moving internationally from Arkansas, you’ll likely need to use nearby ports for shipping your belongings. While Arkansas is a landlocked state, it has access to various ports in neighboring states:

Port of New Orleans, Louisiana

Location: This port is a strategic choice for those moving internationally from Arkansas. Located approximately 350 miles south of Little Rock, the Port of New Orleans offers a wide range of international shipping services.

Shipping Options: This port offers a diverse range of shipping options, solidifying its status as a major hub for international trade. Container shipping services ensure the efficient transportation of a wide variety of cargo, from consumer goods to industrial equipment. Bulk cargo capabilities make it an ideal choice for commodities like grains, coal, and petroleum products, while roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services accommodate vehicles and heavy machinery. This versatility in shipping options caters to the diverse needs of those looking to transport goods overseas, making the port a preferred choice for a broad spectrum of industries and individuals.

Convenient Access: The port’s close proximity to central and eastern Arkansas provides residents and businesses with convenient and cost-effective access to international shipping routes, resulting in reduced transportation expenses and faster transit times for time-sensitive shipments.

Port of Houston, Texas

Location: The Port of Houston, Texas, is a prominent gateway for those embarking on international moves from Arkansas. Situated approximately 400 miles southwest of Little Rock, this port plays a pivotal role in facilitating international trade.

Shipping Options: The Port of Houston is one of the largest and busiest ports in the United States, offering a comprehensive array of shipping options. Its extensive container handling facilities make it an ideal choice for transporting a wide range of cargo, including consumer goods and industrial equipment. Additionally, the port’s capabilities in handling bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, and petroleum products, cater to diverse industries. Roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services further accommodate vehicles and heavy machinery, providing versatility to meet the needs of various businesses and individuals engaged in international shipping.

Convenient Access: While slightly further from Arkansas compared to the Port of New Orleans, the Port of Houston offers residents and businesses in western Arkansas advantageous access to international shipping routes. This strategic location reduces transportation costs and facilitates quicker transit times for shipments, particularly those with time-sensitive deadlines. Western Arkansas residents can leverage the port’s extensive global shipping connections, making it a preferred choice for those seeking efficient international trade routes.

Port of Mobile, Alabama

Location: The Port of Mobile, Alabama, offers an alternative gateway for international shipping, particularly advantageous for those in western Arkansas. Located approximately 400 miles east of Little Rock, it provides access to international trade routes.

Shipping Options: The Port of Mobile has been making significant expansions to its facilities to accommodate larger vessels and meet the growing demands of international trade. This port offers a diverse range of shipping services, making it a valuable choice for those moving internationally from Arkansas. It caters to various cargo types, providing flexibility for businesses and individuals. Its strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico serves as a gateway to global markets.

Convenient Access: Although not as close as the Port of New Orleans, the Port of Mobile serves as a viable alternative for western Arkansas residents looking for accessible international shipping options. Its ongoing efforts to enhance its infrastructure and accommodate larger vessels make it an attractive choice for those with specific destination requirements. Utilizing the Port of Mobile provides a cost-effective and efficient means to access international trade routes for residents in this region of Arkansas.

Remember that laws and regulations can vary significantly from one country to another, so diligent research and early planning are crucial to ensure a smooth and compliant international move from Arkansas. Consulting with our experts can provide valuable guidance and assistance in navigating these complex legal aspects. However, here are key points you must remember on the whole:

Customs Declarations

When moving internationally, you must accurately declare all items in your shipment to customs authorities at your destination. Failure to do so can result in fines or delays.

Visas and Work Permits

Depending on your destination country, you may need a visa or work permit to reside and work there legally. Research and obtain the necessary immigration documents well in advance.

Import Regulations

Different countries have specific regulations on what can be imported. Some items may be restricted or prohibited. Check your destination’s import regulations to avoid issues.

Export Regulations

Duty and Tax Payments: Be aware of the customs duties and taxes that may apply to your imported items. These costs can vary widely by country and can significantly impact your moving budget.

Duty and Tax Payments

If you’re moving with pets, research the destination country’s regulations regarding vaccinations, quarantine, and import permits. Failure to comply can result in your pets being denied entry.

Pet Relocation Laws

If you’re moving with pets, research the destination country’s regulations regarding vaccinations, quarantine, and import permits. Failure to comply can result in your pets being denied entry.


Ensure all your documents are in order, including passports, visas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any academic or professional credentials. Some documents may need to be notarized or legalized.

Restricted Items

Be aware of items that are strictly prohibited from entering certain countries. These may include religious materials, explicit content, or items that could be considered culturally offensive.

Insurance and Liability

Consider purchasing comprehensive insurance for your belongings during the move. Understand the terms and coverage to protect against potential loss or damage.

Local Laws

Research and familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations of your destination country. These may encompass driving regulations, residency requirements, and other aspects of daily life.

Services Offered by International Sea & Air Shipping – Moving from Arkansas

At International Sea & Air Shipping, we offer a range of services to keep your moving overseas from Arkansas process a smooth and hassle-free endeavor. Here’s how help you:

Packing and unpacking

With our professional packing services, you can be assured that your belongings are properly sealed, crated, plastered and packed so as to give you the experience of a protected and safe transit.

Customs clearance

Navigating customs regulations can be challenging, but we as an international moving company can help you with the necessary paperwork and procedures. Our experts are authorized to help you with all paperwork and insurance procedures involved in the international shipping process.

Shipping options

We offer a range of shipping options. While you can choose between air freight and sea freight, depending on your budget and timeline, you can also choose from a diverse range of options among these categories.

Storage solutions

If your move requires temporary storage, our international sea and air shipping company offers secure storage facilities. We ensure that your goods are not only safely stored but also handled with care during the loading and unloading process.


From your Arkansas residence to the departure port and from the arrival port to your new international destination, our transportation services commit to simplify the process.

After delivery

Upon reaching your destination, we help you inspect the area and arrange your valuable belongings with utmost safety and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need for an international move from Arkansas?

Required documents may include passports, visas, customs declarations, and shipping contracts. The specific documentation will depend on your destination country.

How can I estimate the cost of my international move?

The cost of an international move from Arkansas depends on factors like the volume of belongings, shipping method, destination, and additional services. To get the best quote and the right cost estimate of your overseas moving from Arkansas, it is advised to contact our experts at international sea and air shipping.

How do I choose the right international moving company in Arkansas?

To select the right moving company, research and compare multiple providers. Consider factors like their experience with international moves, customer reviews, licensing, insurance coverage, and the services they offer. Request quotes and evaluate their cost estimates, services, and reputation before making a decision.