International Piano Moving Experts


The Art of Transporting A Piano

If you own a piano and have found this page while searching for overseas piano moving services, we deeply appreciate the importance of your valuable asset. We consider piano moving an art because we recognize that a piano is more than just a musical instrument. Every owner has a unique emotional attachment to it. And, we handle these sentiments with the utmost care and attention, treating your piano as if it were our own.

Our piano moving specialists excel in understanding techniques for moving various types of pianos. From wrapping them securely to protective shipping to ensuring their successful arrival at overseas destinations. We are true masters in their art, ensuring your piano arrives without a dent.

Piano Moving Services – Safe Transport of Your Prized Instrument to Its New Destination

International Sea & Air Shipping is a pioneer in piano moving services, serving customers with personalized moving solutions for 75 years. Whether it’s a short trip or a long journey, a domestic or international destination, we provide comprehensive support. W ensure the expert-supervised and carefully monitored delivery of your valuable piano.

IMPORTANT: New Federal Regulations prohibit the import and export of pianos, so we remove ivory keys before packing and moving.
Proposed rules include an “antique” exemption for pianos over 100 years old. However, proving the piano’s age and recent ivory repairs would disqualify it from this exemption.

We recommend you to speak to our expert before scheduling the piano shipping service.

We’re The International Piano Moving Specialist

Our Expertise is Our Strength

We are a unique overseas piano moving company with seven decades of industry experience. We hold expertise in safely and successfully moving various pianos. When handling antique pianos, we address additional concerns, and we give special attention to packaging digital pianos. Likewise, upright pianos, grand pianos and player pianos require a differentiated approach when moving them. Therefore, our expertise is vast and we apply strategic planning based upon the kind of asset we are moving.

Our Equipment are Our Asset

To move an asset safely and quickly, it is mandatory to use the right equipment. We have made substantial investments in state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for moving pianos. Our equipment includes custom-built crates, dollies, ramps, air-ride equipped vehicles, piano moving boards, and climate-controlled storage facilities. They are the backbone of our business. They enable us to deliver the highest level of satisfactory services to our customers.

Our Emotional Care is Our Exclusivity

We understand the emotional connection our customers have with their pianos. That’s why we go the extra mile to offer emotional care that distinguishes us from other moving companies. We maintain transparent communication, handle items with respect, accommodate special requests, and provide reassurance and support throughout the service.

Our Employees are Our Pride

Our team is the backbone of our business. When we hire our servicemen for you, we consider more than just their experience. We ensure that we get on board friendly and professional servicemen, who are highly trained, give keen attention to details and have strong moral conducts. We believe that only with the right team on board, we can win the hearts of our customers.

How We Carry Our Piano Moving Services?

Our piano moving services involve a series of steps and verified procedures. All the materials of packaging and equipment used in the process are thoroughly examined and executed only upon approval of higher authorities. A safe trip is assured, as your precious cargo is secured within one of our fleet vehicles. Your piano will be carefully packaged and carried, with no detail spared.

Here is a step-by-step process of piano shipping by the team of International Sea & Air Shipping:

Assessment and Planning (Pre-Moving Survey): We first evaluate the piano’s condition. Then, we strategically plan every aspect. This includes checking doorway dimensions, stairways, finding the best route to the destination, and package handling.

Packing: We ensure that we use high-quality packing materials and custom-build crates for extra protection during the piano shipping services. We also focus keenly on seasonal packing to keep the object protected from the harshness of the prevailing weather.

Loading and Transportation: We train and instruct our drivers to ensure a smooth and stable ride. We also have a team of servicemen ensuring safety during transport, and our backend team continuously monitors the tracking process.

Delivery and Unpacking: We utilize specialized equipment to unload and unpack the piano. We ensure the execution of the process without causing any damage or dents.

Final Inspection: After placing the piano at the new destination, our team member conducts a detailed inspection of the object. Thereafter, they officially declare the service successfully closed.

Our Case Study: We shipped a 7ft grand piano from Central London to Connecticut…

We shipped a 7ft grand piano from central London to Connecticut via NYC. The process included a complex move. It involved navigating a heavy piano down narrow stairs in London, removing a window and bannister, and later reassembling everything. And when we completed our service, here’s what our happy customer said:

“The agent movers in London were extremely professional and did an outstanding job. After pickup and crating, I was given regular updates on the progress of the vessel that shipped the piano to the USA, and assistance with the customs clearance when it arrived. Finally, the local movers who delivered the piano to CT were courteous, on-time and extremely careful. Highly recommended for any overseas move”.


Who Will Ship My Piano?

One of the first steps in shipping a piano is to find someone who will ship it. If you’ve found a company that can ship your piano overseas, they may or may not be a freight forwarder.

The freight forwarder consolidates the items for shipment into containers and will deal with the steamship line. The company will collect your items and deliver them to the freight forwarder. The forwarder will provide information about the steamship line, departure and arrival dates, and the container number.

Some foreign piano manufacturers wrap their pianos in airtight plastic to prevent excess humidity exposure during transit. Find out if the company you hire will perform a similar service during transit.

How Much to Ship My Piano?

International piano shipping costs depend mainly on its weight or, in some cases, its volume. Pianos fall under heavy objects. Therefore, shipping companies calculate the costs for pianos based on their volume.

The price varies based on the piano type, destination distance, import duties, taxes, and other factors.

What Are Few Important Details to Note in Piano Shipping?

When shipping a piano overseas, pad it and put it on a skid board. Bolt the skid board to a platform and pack it tightly to prevent movement. Then, label the crate and load it onto a truck for transportation to the freighter.

Insurance – We recommended to purchase insurance on the replacement value of the item at the destination.

Ivory Ban – Shipping a piano with real ivory key tops internationally may cause issues with customs. Nations may remove the ivory as a condition of passage due to the ban on ivory production and sale.

If the piano is over 100 years old, proper documentation may allow it to pass through customs. If the piano is under 100 years old, replace ivory with plastic key tops before shipping or don’t move it. Recover keys before the move to avoid damage during customs inspection.