Storage Services For Individuals Who Are Moving Abroad

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Streamline Your Move with Complete Moving and Storage Services

International relocation can indeed be challenging, and storage plays a vital role in facilitating a smooth transition. When moving across borders, there may be delays in finding a permanent residence or setting up the new location. In such cases, storage services become essential for securely storing belongings until the delivery to the final destination. Additionally, storage provides flexibility in managing the logistics of an international move, allowing for efficient coordination of shipments and ensuring the safety of possessions during the transition period.

With the changing times, many international shipping and moving companies are coming up with comprehensive moving and storage solutions, wherein they provide storage facilities along with the standard packing, transport and unpacking services. These services aim to simplify the moving process and ensure the safety and protection of belongings during transit and storage.

Understanding the Benefits of a Moving and Storage Company

When it comes to relocating, a moving and storage company can provide numerous benefits. They offer a range of services that can make the entire process easier and more efficient. From packing and transportation to storage solutions, these companies have the expertise and resources to handle every aspect of your move.

Whether you plan to relocate as an individual or as a commercial entity, relying on a moving and storage company can be of great help. These storage companies can make the process a lot easier and more efficient. Also, you can save time and effort by having the storage and moving experts handle your logistics needs. As these companies have the manpower to pack your goods, transport them and store them as per your requirement. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that your items are under protection and security all through their relocation process.

Moreover, such moving and storage companies have the necessary tools, such as dollies, ramps, and moving blankets, to safely pack, store and move your belongings. They also have access to various transportation options, including trucks or containers, to accommodate different types and sizes of moves. Additionally, these companies are of a great advantage if you have items that you don’t immediately need but want to keep. The storage company provides secure storage facilities, which eventually eliminate the need to find a separate storage facility, ensuring a safe storage of your belongings until you need them.

Storage & Warehousing for Household and Commercial Goods

International Sea & Air Shipping is a reputed name in moving and storage solutions, which promises to simplify the relocation process and assist you with transparency throughout the service. Our conveniently located facility, only a 15-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan, provides 40,000 square feet of clean and moisture-proof storage space for both commercial and household goods. Whether you need long-term or short-term storage, we have you covered, offering competitive prices for all your storage needs. Of the many reasons that you can choose us, here are the most significant ones

As our valued customer, you will enjoy:

  • We have a secure, temperature-controlled storage facility (building) which is 24/7 under video surveillance.
  • Our storage facility offers a sprinkler system with a central station that works all round the clock.
  • We have the most courteous staff on board who is at your assistance anytime you need.
  • We have forklift service for easy movement of your storage’s and a single point of contact to ensure smooth communication.
  • Our service charges are reasonable with no hidden costs and no administration fees involved.
  • We help you assess your storage easily and conveniently, anytime of the day or night you wish to.
  • Most importantly, we hold the authorization and license to give you a secure service.

Exploring Different Storage Services Available

Self-storage units

Self-storage units are individual storage spaces where you can store your belongings. These storage’s provide convenient access, allowing you to retrieve or add items whenever necessary during the storage period.

Containerized Storage

Containerized storage involves securely packing your belongings into containers, which are then stored in a warehouse facility. This option is particularly useful if you’re looking for a more organized and streamlined approach to storage.

Climate Controlled Storage

Climate controlled storage facilities maintain a controlled environment, regulating temperature and humidity levels within the storage units. This type of storage is suitable for items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures or high humidity, such as wooden furniture, electronics, artwork, or antiques.

Hybrid Storage

Some storage companies offer hybrid solutions that combine the benefits of self-storage and containerized storage. These services typically involve delivering storage containers to your location, allowing you to pack them at your own pace.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage units are portable storage containers delivered to your location. You can load your belongings into these units at your own pace, and once you’re done, the storage company will pick up the unit and transport it to a secure storage facility.

On a wider spectrum, these storage’s can be simply classified as residential storage or commercial storage. To understand which of the storage options is best for you, it is advisable to speak to our moving and storage solutions experts.

Flexible Storage Services for Short-term and Long-term Needs

Whether you require short-term or long-term storage solutions, moving and storage companies can accommodate your needs. Short-term storage is ideal for temporary situations, such as during a home renovation or while waiting for your new residence to be ready. On the other hand, long-term storage is suitable for items you don’t currently need but want to keep for an extended period.

When considering flexible storage solutions, it’s important to assess the duration of storage needed, the type of items you’ll be storing, and any specific requirements such as climate control. Additionally, consider the security measures, accessibility, and pricing offered by different storage providers. By evaluating these factors, you can choose the storage solution that best meets your short-term or long-term storage needs. Consult our experts to get the right guidance and free quote on our international moving and storage services.

Essential Tips for Preparing Your Items for Storage

  • Plan and list down the items you want to store through your opted storage moving services.
  • Focus on cleaning the items well and ensure that the items are completely dry before you consider them for packing.
  • Dissemble all the items that require dismantled storage.
  • Consider professional packing services which most reputed international storage moving service companies offer.
  • Professionals of moving and storage service companies pack your items based upon their fragility and transport needs. For instance, electronic devices require sturdier packing than clothes and books. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider moving and storage solutions offered by industrial experts.
  • Ensure that you do not pack any kind of hazardous items in your storage solutions. Let the packing team be aware of the list of items in prior.
  • Label each box as per your ease of understanding.
  • Consider using climate-controlled storage for temperature-sensitive belongings.

Choosing the Right Storage Service for Your Belongings

Along with the above-mentioned key factors, there are several other essential aspects you need to explore before you sign up for an international moving and storage company:

Reputation and Reviews

What customers say about a company has a lot to convey. Consider checking out the experience, expertise and customer satisfaction ratio of a moving and storage company.

Customized Services

Companies that offer tailored services are ideal because this shows that they are open to provide flexible services and keep the needs of their customers a high priority.

Climate Controlled Storage

Seasonal storage options are a must. Often storage solutions considered for the summer season, may not work well for winters. Therefore, it is equally important that the company offers climate-controlled storage options.

Cleanliness and Organization

Hygiene and cleanliness is a crucial factor. It is obvious that you do not want your items to reach to you untidy during the moving and storage process.

Time and Transparency

Choose a company that adheres to the deadlines that they promise and is transparent in everything they commit.

Insurance and Liability

Most companies offer insurance to cover any kind of loss or damage that may happen during the moving and storage process.

Costs and Charges

Budget is eventually an important factor, but consider it keeping to the last as most moving and storage service companies offer multiple packages that customers can choose from, depending upon their relocation needs.


How much does an international moving and storage solution cost?

The cost of moving and storage solutions depends on factors like the distance of the storage facility from your destination, volume of goods, mode of transport chosen and any kind of additional services you may opt for along with the storage service. It is best advised to request a quote from moving and storage service experts for a free survey and get an accurate estimate of the process.

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings signed up for storage?

A reputed company will adhere to all laws and commitments of security and trust to keep your belongings safe. The best way to ensure the safety of your stored belongings is to look for a company that has a vast experience, a global network and a strong clientele who do the good talking about the company’s trusted moving and storage solutions services.

Do I have access to my belongings in the storage facilities?

The facility of accessing your stored belongings varies from company to company. While many international moving and storage service companies offer the privilege to access your stored items at any given point of time, some companies are adamant about integrity and organization. It is best to check with the company before signing up for a moving and storage solution.

What happens if my belongings are damaged while in storage and moving service?

Storage facilities take special precautions to protect your belongings from damage. This includes using appropriate packing materials, implementing proper stacking and organization techniques, and ensuring climate-controlled environments when necessary. Additionally, insurance coverage can provide financial protection in case of unforeseen damage. Speak to an expert about this before signing up.

Are storage facilities insured?

Storage facilities often offer insurance coverage for your belongings while they are in storage. However, it is important to inquire about insurance options and the extent of coverage provided by the storage facility. Additionally, consider obtaining separate insurance coverage for added protection.

How long can I store my belongings in a storage facility during an international move?

Storage duration can vary based on your specific needs. Some storage facilities offer short-term storage options for a few weeks or months, while others provide long-term storage solutions for extended periods. Discuss your storage duration requirements with the storage solution experts in order to stay informed.