International Moving Of Fine Art & Antiques

Overseas Shipping – Fine Art & Antiques

Shipping valuable artistic masterpieces, including sculptures, paintings, antique furniture, and showpieces, requires careful handling, reliability, and efficiency. The fragility and worth of these artworks necessitate a meticulous and protected shipping process. Trusted fine art shipping services are always essential, as the experts providing these services possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise to handle delicate artworks and valuable assets. People practice the use of specialized techniques and approved packaging materials to ensure safe transportation.


Also, experts also consider several factors during transit. These include recognizing that being prompt, ensuring smooth transportation, and delivering goods on time reduces the risks associated with environmental hazards or accidents. Additionally, another benefit is that international fine art packing and shipping companies also provide insurance coverage during the movement of these assets, offering protection against unfortunate circumstances like road mishaps or climatic disasters.

We, International Sea & Air Shipping, are a reputable company with over 75 years of experience in the industry. We understand and comply with all applicable laws when moving antique pieces and artwork to international destinations. Collaborating with us brings convenience and ease to the process, as we coordinate logistics and provide detailed tracking information to keep our clients informed at every step of the process.

Fine Art Moving Process

Whether it’s a valuable sculpture that needs delicate crating services, a centuries-old painting requiring climate-controlled containers, or antique furniture that demands careful handling, at International Air Sea & Air Shipping, we provide services based upon specialized requirements.

Shipping Sculptures Internationally

Our skilled international shipping experts select the best packaging solutions, utilizing foam, padding, crates, and secure strapping. We consider factors like weight, fragility, transit time, and weather conditions. Additional packaging is provided if needed, particularly during the rainy season, to ensure optimal protection during transit.

Shipping Paintings Overseas

To protect delicate paintings from damage and warping, our international fine art shipping experts employ specialized techniques. Using acid-free materials, protective layers, and shock-absorbent crates, we ensure that the artwork remains shielded from moisture, temperature changes, and physical impact. These precautions guarantee that the painting arrives at its destination in its original beauty and integrity.

Shipping Antique Furniture Abroad

The safe transport of antique furniture is crucial due to its aesthetic and historical significance. With our extensive expertise, we carefully consider the age, fragility, and dimensions of each piece to determine the best packing and lifting methods. By utilizing custom-built wooden crates, foam padding, and secure straps, we ensure the protection of the furniture’s intricate features, preventing any potential damage, scratches, or breakage during transit.

Shipping Fragile Showpieces Overseas

When it comes to shipping showpieces, which are often fragile and intricately designed, we prioritize extra care. Our approach involves using a combination of protective materials like bubble wrap, cushioning foam, and custom-fit packaging to create a secure and protective layer around each delicate showpiece. Furthermore, we take meticulous care in strategically positioning and securing the showpieces within the shipping container, minimizing any potential movement or impact that could cause damage.

Whichever kind of fine art you want to ship internationally, we ensure that the process goes smooth and under a supervised structure as follows:

Assessment and Planning

Before we commence the service, we carefully assess the artwork of shipment. After taking into consideration several factors like the characteristics, weight and fragility of the product, we plan the logistics accordingly.

Customized Packing

Our antique artwork packaging experts supervise the use of specialized materials and techniques to securely pack the artwork.


Depending upon the size of the artwork and the distance of the new location, we select the appropriate mode of transportation.

Climate Control

We do a thorough check of climatic conditions before shipping artwork overseas, and also ensure to maintain proper updates of temperature and humidity levels during transport.

Security and Insurance

We understand the need of insurance and safe transit and therefore, we implement rigorous security measures and ensure adequate insurance coverage.

Installation at Destination

Upon successfully reaching the destination, we expertly unpack and install the artwork according to client instructions.

Throughout the process, our effective communication ensures a smooth and successful fine art shipping experience. It is important here to note that shipping artwork to different destinations includes varying charges and documentation. It is always better to consult our experts before you make the final move.


Custom Crating

We will custom-crate every item on a case-by-case basis for extra protection.

The versatile design of the STANDARD CRATE allows for adaptation to accommodate any object, regardless of its size. You can open the from either the top or the face, and you can even completely disassemble it for convenient access to heavy objects. The go-to crate for multiple flat works, its plywood and pine frame construction also make it perfect for bracketing three-dimensional objects.

Fine Art Insurance Coverage

When it comes to shipping valuable items such as artwork and antiques, it is essential to consider purchasing additional insurance to safeguard against any unfortunate incidents. In the event that your items are loose or damage during international shipment, having adequate compensation will provide peace of mind. Before finalizing an insurance policy, it is advisable to have your pieces appraised by a knowledgeable art or antique dealer. This will ensure that you have a precise understanding of their full value and can acquire sufficient coverage.

Fortunately, most international moving services offer insurance choices for your shipment. At International Sea & Air Shipping, we provide Marine Insurance that offers comprehensive door-to-door coverage. This guarantee ensures the protection of your items from the moment they leave your previous residence until they arrive at your new home.

For more details regarding our available insurance options, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Art Handlers

If you opt for the services of a reputable international fine art shipping company, it can bring a multitude of advantages. In the long run, it also proves to be a prudent decision. Some of the key advantages you get to experience with professionals are as follows:

  • Expertise and Experience: They have extensive experience in handling various types of artworks, including delicate and fragile pieces. Their expertise guarantees that they handle your artwork with the utmost care and attention throughout the entire process.
  • Packaging and Protection: They use specialized materials and techniques to ensure the artwork has a well-padding, secure packaging and covers protection from all sorts of potential damage.
  • Secure Transportation: They understand the intricacies of handling valuable pieces during transit, including securing them properly to prevent shifting or damage. They may use specialized vehicles equipped with air-ride suspension systems to minimize vibrations and ensure a smooth ride.
  • Insurance and Documentation: Working with professionals gives the peace of mind that your valuable artwork is under protection through insurance. Also, an adequate compensation is applicable for any issue. Also, they ensure to accurately document the condition of the artwork, including detailed photographs, before and after transportation.
  • Delivery and Installation: They have the knowledge and equipment to safely hang or mount artworks, ensuring proper positioning and security. Their expertise ensures that they display the artwork in the best manner while preserving its integrity.

Find out the customs regulations

Customs regulations vary depending on your destination country, and it’s imperative to have all the facts before importing your artwork and antiques. Most countries have regulations on importing these items, and may require specific paperwork or the payment of duties or taxes for your antiques or artwork to successfully clear customs. You may need to obtain a permit or show a certification of the piece’s age or authenticity. Do thorough research for more information on the customs regulations in the country you are moving to, or contact the local embassy or consulate. When hiring an international mover to ship your antiques and artwork, they will often aid in the customs process by proving an agent to ensure everything goes smoothly and your goods enter your new home country safely.

Proper packing is a must

Artwork and antiques are delicate and often extremely valuable. It is crucial to take extra care and use the proper materials and methods to pack and handle these items.

  • You should always clean your artwork or antiques before packing and shipping.
  • Never use bubble wrap directly on the surface of artwork or delicate wood–the bubbles can leave behind unsightly impressions and the plastic can ruin the finish on beautiful antique furniture.
  • You must be careful in choosing the box. Ensure they are specifically of shipping material best used for fine arts and antiques. Also, ensure they are the proper size. This will keep the contents stationary during transit and prevent any damage.
  • Protective tape over the glass frames of paintings can help reinforce it against outside pressure to prevent cracks or shattering.
  • For optimal protection, it’s advisable to crate higher-value pieces.

When dealing with fragile items and valuable as artwork and antiques, it is a good idea to leave the packing services to the professionals. At International Sea & Air Shipping, we offer professional packing, custom crating and shipping of high-value artwork and antiques to prevent scratches, dents, or other unsightly damage to your precious pieces. We customize the package by its weight, measurements and material. Also, we carefully wrap and pack using acid-free protective storage materials and custom-crate every item on a case-by-case basis.


Artwork and antiques are delicate and often extremely valuable. It is crucial to take extra care and use the proper materials and methods to pack and handle these items.

How do I prepare my artwork or antiques for moving?

When planning to move your artwork or antique overseas, simply call our experts, who will assist you throughout the process, taking care of everything from inspection to delivery. We only require your presence and monitoring during the packing process.

Should I hire a specialized art or antique moving company?

Yes, we highly recommend hiring a specialized art or antique moving company when handling valuable artworks or antiques.

What kind of insurance coverage should I consider for my valuable items during the move?

There are a number of insurances you can choose from, depending upon the asset you want to ship internationally. From full value coverage to all-risks coverage, each insurance offers comprehensive protection under specific terms. It is wise to seek advice from our experts to select the most suitable coverage for your valuable items.

How can I ensure the safe packing and handling of delicate artworks and antiques?

To ensure the safe packing and handling of delicate artworks and antiques, follow these precise guidelines:
Use appropriate packing material
Secure fragile elements
Choose accurate containers or boxes
Label assets and mark them accordingly
Check documentation and insurance
Document and photograph the assets
Consider climatic conditions in prior
Track transport and logistics
Verify and thoroughly check the assets after delivery

How can I estimate the cost of moving art and antiques?

To estimate the cost of moving art and antiques, it is best to consult our experts. When conducting an initial survey, they take several factors into consideration, such as the size of the item, weight, fragility, and special handling needs. The cost also affects based upon the distance of the destination and transport preferred. Therefore, to obtain the accurate quotes for your valuable artwork, consult our international artwork shipping experts today!