International Moving Of Fine Art & Antiques

International Moving of Fine Art & Antiques

Shipping your valuable antiques overseas is certainly stressful — your precious items have a long journey, and you want to ensure they arrive overseas without any damage. Hiring an experienced and reliable international goods shipper to safely transport your delicate and valuable artwork and antiques is the first step to safe shipping.

International Sea & Air Shipping is called upon by some of the world’s most prestigious museums, auction houses, art galleries and private collectors for antique shipping services. We offer an array of special antique moving services to ensure your fragile items arrive in their new country without so much as a scratch.


Professional Customized Packing

Our experienced team of packing exerts will carefully wrap and pack each of your items, taking their weight, measurements and material into considerations. We use the highest-quality, acid-free protective materials to shield your delicate antiques and artwork from damage and harsh elements.


Custom Crating

We will custom-crate every item on a case-by-case basis for extra protection.
CRATE can be adapted to accommodate any object, no matter how large or small. The versatile design of the STANDARD CRATE allows it to be opened from either the top or the face – or even disassembled entirely for easy access to heavy objects. The go-to crate for multiple flatworks, its plywood and pine frame construction also makes it perfect for bracketing three-dimensional objects.

Overseas Shipping

Once your antiques, paintings, and sculptures are carefully packed, crated, and ready for transport, we will handle the extensive overseas shipping process for you. Not only will we make sure your shipment makes its way overseas safely, but we can assist you with your paperwork and the complicated customs process as well.


We can store your items for as little as a few days or for as long as it takes until you are ready to have the items transported to their final destination.

If you are shipping antiques or artwork for your international move, contact us today for a free quote!