Custom Crating Services For Overseas Shipping

Custom Crating Services for Overseas Shipping

At International Sea & Air Shipping, we custom build any size crate to pack your valuable and fragile items and furniture to avoid damage while they are shipped overseas. A carpenter and case building station is located in our warehouse facility.


Custom Crating Services

International Sea & Air Shipping specializes in the export casing of specialty items, such as pianos, grandfather clocks, statues, motorcycles, paintings, sculpture, chandeliers, fine china, and much more. We build our strong, sturdy crates specifically for your shipment for optimal protection.

Custom Packing Services

Professional carpenters produce our custom crates, which guarantees the highest quality crating services for packing, delivery, shipping, and handling art, antiques and other fragile and valuable items. Our dedicated crating personnel passionate are about their work and possess invaluable experience engineering crates and securing items–even large art pieces and irreplaceable antique furniture.

Crate making is a precise and responsible craftsmanship process, required for stabilization and security of every piece during transit, so we hire only professional, experienced crate makers. You may rest assured that your artwork, antiques and other specialty items are handled securely and safely at any stage of the transportation process!

In addition to creating custom crates for your shipment, our experienced international movers will securely pack your fragile or bulky items to further ensure their safe arrival in your new country.

View our slide show to see how our custom crates are created to protect household goods, personal effects and furniture for secure overseas relocations.

If you are relocating overseas and want to ship fragile items, contact us to find out more about our custom crating services and get a free quote!