Delaware International Moving

Preparing for an international move from Delaware is an exciting yet intricate process. Whether you’re relocating for work, family reasons, or the pursuit of adventure, successfully navigating the complexities of international relocation is essential for a smooth transition. This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the necessary insights and resources, empowering you to embark on your international journey from Delaware with confidence, ensuring a promising start to your new chapter. We’ve got you covered, from professional packing and essential paperwork to selecting the best shipping methods, our aim is to assist you every step of the way!

International Movers Delaware

Delaware: The First State

Delaware, known as “The First State,” holds a unique position in U.S. history and offers a blend of historical charm and modern convenience. It boasts a picturesque coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, with beach towns like Rehoboth Beach attracting tourists and residents alike. The state’s capital, Dover, is rich in history, and Wilmington is a major financial and cultural center. Understanding Delaware’s distinct character and culture can help you prepare effectively for your international move.

Three Important Cities in Delaware:


As Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington is a hub for commerce, finance, and culture. Its proximity to major cities like Philadelphia and New York City makes it a strategic location for international moves.


The state capital, Dover, offers a mix of historical sites and modern amenities. It’s also home to Dover Air Force Base, which can be relevant for military personnel planning an international move.


Newark is known for the University of Delaware and its vibrant student population. Its location in northern Delaware provides access to major transportation routes.

Ports Near Delaware for International Moving & Shipping

When planning an international move from Delaware, you’ll likely need to use nearby ports for shipping your belongings. Delaware’s location on the East Coast of the United States provides convenient access to several ports, including:

Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The Port of Philadelphia is located approximately 30 miles north of Wilmington, Delaware. It’s a major East Coast port with extensive international shipping services.

Shipping Options

This port offers a wide range of shipping options, including container shipping, bulk cargo handling, and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) services. It’s well-equipped to handle various types of cargo efficiently.

Convenient Access

The port’s proximity to Delaware makes it a practical choice for residents and businesses in the state. It provides a gateway to global trade routes and offers competitive shipping rates.

Port of Baltimore, Maryland


The Port of Baltimore is situated about 80 miles northeast of Wilmington. It’s one of the busiest ports on the East Coast, with a strong focus on international trade.

Shipping Options

This port offers comprehensive shipping services, including container handling, bulk cargo facilities, and RoRo services. It has a reputation for efficiency and accessibility.

Convenient Access

While slightly further from Delaware, the Port of Baltimore is accessible and well-connected, making it a viable option for international moves from the state. It serves as a gateway to global markets.

International moves involve compliance with various laws and regulations, both in the United States and your destination country. Here are key points to keep in mind:

Customs Declarations

Accurate and complete customs declarations are essential when moving internationally. Failure to do so can lead to fines and delays.

Visas and Work Permits

Depending on your destination, you may require visas or work permits. Research and obtain the necessary immigration documents well in advance.

Import Regulations

Different countries have specific rules on what can be imported. Some items may be restricted or prohibited. Familiarize yourself with your destination’s import regulations to avoid issues.

Export Regulations

The U.S. has regulations governing the export of certain items, such as firearms and controlled substances. Comply with these regulations and obtain any required licenses.

Duty and Tax Payments

Be aware of customs duties and taxes that may apply to your imported items. These costs can vary widely by country and affect your moving budget.

Pet Relocation Laws

If you’re moving with pets, research your destination country’s regulations regarding vaccinations, quarantine, and import permits.


Ensure all your documents are in order, including passports, visas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, and any academic or professional credentials. Some documents may need to be notarized or legalized.

Prohibited Items

Be aware of items that are strictly prohibited from entering certain countries. These may include religious materials, explicit content, or culturally sensitive items.

Insurance and Liability

Consider purchasing comprehensive insurance for your belongings during the move to protect against potential loss or damage.

Local Laws

Research and understand the local laws and regulations of your destination country, including driving rules, residency requirements, and other aspects of daily life.

Services Offered by International Moving Companies – Moving from Delaware

International moving companies offer a range of services to facilitate your move from Delaware. Here’s how they can assist you:

Packing and Unpacking

Professional packing services ensure that your belongings are securely packed for the international journey.

Customs Clearance

International moving companies can assist with the necessary paperwork and procedures for customs clearance, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Shipping Options

Companies offer a variety of shipping options, including air freight and sea freight, to suit your budget and timeline.

Storage Solutions

If your move requires temporary storage, international moving companies provide secure facilities for your goods.


They can arrange transportation from your Delaware residence to the departure port and from the arrival port to your new international destination.

After-Delivery Services

Upon arrival at your destination, moving companies can assist with inspecting the area and arranging your belongings with care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need for an international move?

Required documents may include passports, visas, customs declarations, and a detailed inventory of your belongings. Consult the embassy or consulate of your destination country for specific requirements.

How should I pack for an international move from Delaware?

· Use sturdy, high-quality packing materials.
· Label boxes clearly.
· Pack fragile items carefully.
· Consider climate conditions at your destination.

How long does international shipping take from Delaware?

Shipping times vary widely depending on the destination and the shipping method. It can take several weeks to a few months for your belongings to arrive.