International Moving New Hampshire

Planning your international move from New Hampshire? It’s a big journey, and we’re here to ensure it’s a success. Whether you’re chasing new opportunities or starting a new chapter, careful planning is key. Rely on our expertise in global relocations through air and sea freight services.

Our guide is your go-to resource, offering comprehensive information to simplify your move from New Hampshire. From unraveling the complexities to detailing our services, we’re here to make your international relocation a seamless experience.

International Movers New Hampshire

New Hampshire: The Granite State’s Charm

Known as the “Granite State,” New Hampshire is characterized by its charming landscapes, from the majestic White Mountains to its serene lakes. The state boasts a strong sense of community, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a vibrant cultural scene. With four distinct seasons, including picturesque autumns and snowy winters, New Hampshire provides a diverse and captivating environment for its residents.

Key Areas in New Hampshire State


The capital city of New Hampshire, Concord, is known for its historic charm and cultural attractions. The New Hampshire State House, the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, and the Capitol Center for the Arts are notable landmarks.


As the largest city in the state, Manchester is a bustling urban center with a rich industrial history. It offers a variety of entertainment, dining, and cultural experiences, including the Currier Museum of Art and the Palace Theatre.


Situated along the coast, Portsmouth is a charming seaport city known for its colonial architecture, maritime history, and vibrant downtown. The Strawbery Banke Museum and Prescott Park are popular attractions.


Located near the Massachusetts border, Nashua is a thriving city with a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities. Mine Falls Park and the Nashua Riverwalk are highlights for outdoor enthusiasts.


Dover is known for its historic downtown area, featuring well-preserved architecture and a vibrant arts scene. The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and the Woodman Institute Museum are cultural attractions in the city.

Ports for International Moving & Shipping from New Hampshire State

When it comes to international moving and shipping from New Hampshire, the state’s central location offers convenient access to major ports and transportation hubs. Although New Hampshire doesn’t have its own seaports, it is excellently linked to several major ports along the East Coast. Here are some key ports to consider:

Port of Boston, Massachusetts

  • Container Handling: Streamlined processing of containerized cargo.
  • Warehousing: Facilities for storing goods in transit.
  • Customs Clearance: Support with customs procedures for international shipments.
  • Inter-modal Connectivity: Extensively linked to rail and trucking networks.

Port of Portland, Maine

  • Container and Breakbulk Cargo Handling: Oversight of diverse cargo types, covering both containers and breakbulk.
  • Ro-Ro Services: Convenient roll-on/roll-off services for vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Cold Storage Facilities: Storage solutions tailored for temperature-sensitive cargo.
  • Logistics and Distribution Centers: Provision of services addressing distribution and logistics requirements.

Port of New York and New Jersey

  • Container Freight Station: Efficient handling and processing of containerized cargo.
  • Ro-Ro Services: Streamlined services for roll-on/roll-off cargo.
  • Foreign Trade Zone: Facilities providing duty-free storage and processing of goods.
  • Intermodal Connectivity: Extensively linked to rail and trucking networks.

Preparing for an international move from New Hampshire requires navigating the process smoothly by being mindful of and adhering to important rules and regulations. Here are key considerations:

Customs Regulations

  • Understand and adhere to the customs regulations of your destination country.
  • Provide a comprehensive list of all items being shipped, as some countries have strict regulations on specific goods.

Visas and Work Permits

  • Obtain the necessary visas and work permits for yourself and your family members.
  • Ensure all documentation is in order, as immigration requirements vary.

Import/Export Regulations

  • Familiarize yourself with the specific rules regarding the import and export of goods in your destination country.
  • Be aware of any restrictions on certain items.

Customs Duties and Taxes

  • Budget for customs duties and taxes on imported items in your destination country to avoid delays during the customs clearance process.

Pet Relocation Rules

  • Research and comply with the pet relocation rules of your destination country.
  • Ensure pets meet all health and vaccination requirements.

Document Requirements

  • Verify all document requirements for your move, including passports, visas, permits, and any additional paperwork requested by your destination country.

Prohibited Items

  • Confirm that you are not moving any prohibited items, as regulations can vary significantly from country to country.

Local Laws

  • Understand and respect the local laws and regulations of your destination country.
  • Familiarize yourself with cultural norms for a smooth integration into your new community.

Residence Permits

  • Check if you need a residence permit in your destination country and follow the application process accordingly.

Tax Implications

  • Investigate the tax implications of your international move, including income and property taxes in both New Hampshire and your destination country.

Healthcare Coverage

  • Review your healthcare coverage and determine if you need additional insurance in your new country.
  • Understand the healthcare system for timely access to medical services.

Bank Accounts

  • Inform your current bank about your move and consider opening a bank account in your destination country for seamless financial transactions.


  • If you have children, research educational options and enrollment procedures in your new location.
  • Prepare and submit all necessary documentation for school enrollment on time.

Driving Regulations

  • Understand the driving regulations and requirements in your destination country, including the need for an international driver’s license.

Services Offered by International Sea & Air Shipping – Moving from New Hampshire State

At International Sea & Air Shipping, our goal is to simplify your international relocation from New Hampshire State through our comprehensive range of services.

  • Professional packing to secure your belongings for the international journey.
  • Handling essential paperwork and customs procedures through our customs clearance service.
  • Choice between air freight and sea freight options tailored to your budget and timeline.
  • Secure facilities for those requiring temporary storage during the relocation process.
  • Dedicated team managing transportation logistics for the safe passage of your items.
  • Post-delivery support for inspections and organization of your belongings.
  • Comprehensive range of services to streamline your entire international relocation.
  • Facilities designed for the safety and security of your belongings.
  • Budget-friendly options to align with your financial considerations.
  • Paramount focus on customer satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the entire relocation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access foreign trade zones for duty-free storage during an international move from New Hampshire?

Some ports offer Foreign Trade Zones, providing facilities for duty-free storage and processing of goods during international shipments.

Are there any specific regulations or considerations for handling hazardous materials during an international move from New Hampshire?

Ensure compliance with regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials. Be aware of any restrictions in your destination country.

Can I customize the moving plan based on my specific needs and preferences during an international move from New Hampshire?

Work with our moving company experts to customize the moving plan, tailoring it to your specific needs, preferences, and timeline.