Helpful Tips For A Hassle-Free Relocation Experience

International Moving Guides

Planning is a key to a successful international door-to-door relocation.

International Sea & Air Shipping is working with you.

Use the helpful information here to make your move easier.

The Moving Date

Keep this in mind when choosing The Moving Date:

  • The first and last few days of the month tend to be the busiest moving times – avoid them.
  • Your destination country’s holiday schedule might result in unnecessary delays so check the calendar before setting The Moving Date.

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Professional Packing for International Moves

Professionally trained packers wrap and pack your personal possessions in cartons and shipping crates to protect them from damage. Whether your household or office is shipped in a lift-van, a steamship container or an air container will be determined by the size of the shipment and its destination.

A lift-van ranges in size from 185 to 210 cubic feet. This wooden or plywood container with skids is normally loaded using a forklift. A lift-van is lined with water-resistant paper and caulked to prevent leakage. Steamship companies supply steel containers holding up to 2500 cubic feet. Air containers range in size from 5 – to 100-cubic feet. Small shipments are packed in containers of triple-layer corrugated cardboard; larger shipments by air are normally crated instead of boxed.

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Means of Transport

Motor freight carrier, van line, railroad, steamship line, or airline will be used to ship your household goods. Your packed and loaded shipment will be transported to the port of exit by truck or rail. There the container(s) will be loaded into a vessel or into an aircraft.

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The Cost of Moving

After making a thorough survey of your entire home or receiving a complete list of goods being shipped, a Representative will determine shipping costs. The Representative must see everything to be moved, including any items in the garage, basement or attic. This moving quote estimate you receive will detail the charges for packing and transporting your household goods. But normally Extra pickups or deliveries, setup of electrical appliances or marine insurance or any additional services required will not be considered in the estimate unless specifically requested.

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Insuring Your Move

It is on the overseas shipping form that you will choose the level of carrier liability in terms of dollars and cents per pound for your shipped goods.

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