International Moving Services

Wrapping Your Furniture, Using the Finest Material Available to Insure Maximum Protection Required for Overseas Shipping

Highly Durable Packaging Materials to Protect Your Cargos

Wrapping Services for Your Overseas Shipment

Protecting your furniture from damage during an international move is important. Dirt and debris can cause unsightly stains, sharp edges can tear fabric, and wood furniture can sustain chips, cracks, and scratches.

At International Sea & Air Shipping, we use the highest quality materials to wrap and protect your furniture, such as our cushioned padding and bubble wrap. Our cushioned padding is also specially designed so that the plastic bubble wrap is located on the outside and a very soft, non-abrasive paper is on the inside to prevent condensation or melting that could ruin furniture’s finish. Our trained packing staff also has the expert knowledge to efficiently wrap your furniture for effective protection from any and all damage.

Our cardboard cartons are two wall/ply thick, which simply means that they are stronger and more durable for optimal protection of your most delicate items. This material will eliminate any condensation that may occur due to a temperature change inside of the shipping container, so that your furniture and personal items will not be damaged, moldy, or discolored while they are in transit.

We also offer custom crating for specialty items, such as pianos, artwork, antiques, motorcycles, and grandfather clocks.

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