Moving To India

Moving to India from the USA & planning to settle in this mystical country?

The name India brings with it an image of a country and century old colorful traditions coexist with modern urban advancements! Moving to India from the USA has its own perks and if you are planning to settle in this country there needs to be good planning and preparation.

An international relocation especially one that involves two different continents will bring with it untold amount of challenges. Along with the distance the cultural differences and need for proper documentation for you to be able to stay in this country for a longer period – all these need to be paid proper attention. But do not get disheartened. Moving to India from the USA is not tough. All you need is proper planning.

How International Sea & Air can help for moving to India

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We, at International Sea & Air Shipping will be holding your hands and run you through the entire process of your dream international move to India from the USA while you can concentrate on the post-move processes.

Customs Regulations for India

  • Passport (for all family members)
  • Visa (valid to reside in India for one year)
  • Transfer of Residence
  • Indian Customs Declaration Form (must be signed in the presence of a Customs officer)
  • Full descriptive inventory in English (completed by the packing agent, electronic items should be listed on a separate sheet with brand, model and serial number)
  • Air Waybill or Bill of Lading
  • Power of Attorney (allowing Destination Agent to clear shipment)
  • Insurance policy
  • Diplomatic shipments require Duty Exemption Certificates from the Indian government
  • Customer must be present in India at the time of Customs clearance to sign the Declaration of Contents
  • All shipments 100 percent inspected
  • Sea shipments must be shipped within 30 days of the customer’s arrival to India, and air shipments within 15 days of arrival
  • Household goods and personal effects are duty free for foreign nationals and Indians transferring to India, provided:
    • All goods were in your possession for at least six months
    • The customer has lived overseas for at least two years and are transferring your residence to India
    • The customer has not visited India for more than 180 days in the previous two years

In India, some articles may not be imported whatsoever. These items include, but may not be limited to:

  • Firearms, weapons, and ammunition
  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Pornographic or obscene material
  • Beef and beef products
  • Live plants
  • Politically sensitive literature

Some articles may have restricted quantities or require special authorization/ payments of duties and taxes to clear customs in India. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Home theater systems, TVs, and DVD/DVR players (subject to 15 percent duty)
  • Video cameras and accessories, sound recording equipment, video reproduction equipment, and film (subject to 15 percent duty)
  • Fax machines, photocopiers, and word processors (subject to 15 percent duty)
  • Dishwashers, air conditioners, washer/dryers, and microwaves (subject to 15 percent duty)
  • If you have more than one of a certain appliance, any additional will be charged 35 percent duty
  • Gold or silver (subject to 15 percent duty)
  • New items and furniture (subject to 40 percent duty)
  • Alcohol is dutiable (up 180 percent) and restricted to 2 liters
  • Plants are highly restricted (require permission)
  • Tobacco (restricted to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 250 grams of loose tobacco)

Customers moving to India may import one vehicle (or motorcycle). The vehicle may be admitted into the country if:

  • The car was in owner’s possession for over a year
  • Payment for the car was made prior to the owner’s arrival in India
  • Your car meets Euro III pollution norms and is right hand drive (with certificate form manufacturer)
  • The vehicle is shipped within six month of owner’s arrival
  • The vehicle is not older than three years from date of manufacture
  • The vehicle has a speedometer indicating the speed in kilometers
  • Foreign nationals must secure a bank bond for import trade authorities, stating not to sell the car for a specified period of time

Vehicles are dutiable and subject to very high taxes(new vehicles incur duty of about 114 percent on customs’ assessed value and used vehicles incur duty of about 169 percent of the value assessed by Customs)

You will need the following documents:

  • Owner’s original passport (verifying two years residence abroad)
  • Original manufacturing invoice of the vehicle (not from a dealer or any other sources)
  • Vehicle registration/title (for at least one year, in owner’s name)
  • Insurance policy
  • BL must state make, model, year, VIN, engine and chassis numbers
  • List of extras and purchase date

When importing a pet to India, the requirements are:

  • Veterinary Health Certificate (from a veterinary officer at origin attesting the pet is free from Aujossky’s disease, Distemper, Rabies, Leishmaoiasis and Leptospirosis)
  • Vaccination record from a licensed veterinarian
  • An Import License [issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)]
  • An Import Sanitary Permit (issued by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying)
  • Pets are subject to a clearance of the Animals Quarantine and Certificate Service authorities in India
  • Only one cat, dog or parrot allowed
  • All used household goods more than one year old are duty free
  • All new articles (furniture, crockery, etc.) are charged a duty of at least 50 percent
  • The following items are dutiable at 25 percent (new or used):
    • TV, VCR
    • Washing machine
    • LPG cooking range
    • Dishwasher
    • Music system
    • Personal computer
    • Air conditioner
    • Refrigerator, freezer
    • Microwave oven
    • Video camera
    • Word processor
    • Fax machine
  • If the total value of the above items exceeds RS 150,000 (approximately $4,250) or items that exceed the one-piece limit will attract a duty of approximately 62 percent

NOTE – Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and Customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, International sea & air shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate.

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India – A dream destination

Steeped in rich culture and traditions influenced by its ancient Indus Valley Civilization, India’s cultural tapestry is woven with a variety of colors. From its cuisine and landscape to major world religions and people, India has something to offer just about anyone. It is even home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Taj Mahal.

India is geographically the seventh largest country and the second most populous in the world – over 1.2 billion people call India home. This South Asian country is bounded by the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal while sharing borders with PakistanChinaNepal, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh. Can’t wait to get started with your overseas relocation to India? First, find out what you’ll need to clear Customs.

India is globally renowned for being a cultural melting pot of centuries old traditions that till date exist with all its vibrancy! Rich history, colorful traditions, varied landscapes, gastronomic delights along with being one of the fast advancing economies, India is a powerhouse that can easily be a good choice for settling down as an American expat.

Located in South Asia India is the 7th largest country and the largest democracy in the world. With a history of settlement that dates back easily beyond 55,000 years, this country is any historian’s dream destination. Naturally, the land is fertile with rich cultural traditions contributed by every settler and different civilizations. India has a significant presence in the global map in terms of being a powerful nation with strong military power, scientific achievements, and growing economy. The spiritual, mystical and the modern day brilliance all coexist in this land offering a flurry of opportunities for you to move in India from the USA and call this land your home.

How do you move to India from the USA?

When you are moving to India from the USA for a longer term than 90 days, the Indian government needs to be satisfied with your reasons to stay for a long term in this country. Your visa approval and residential approval will be issued accordingly.

There are different two major ways that you can relocate to India from the USA –

Move to India for work

When you are moving to India from the USA for work purposes the visa that allows you to stay here for a long duration is the valid employment visa. As the general rule goes, an employment visa has to be applied and provided by your employer in India after satisfying the requirement that your skill will contribute significantly to the local economy or the field you will be working in. Naturally, to get a work visa when you move from the USA you have to first get a job in India.

However, even after you secure a work visa and move to India from the USA there is one more important step left – within 14 days of arrival in India on a work visa you need to register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office. This will then allow you to get access to a residence permit.

When you are in India on a work visa the duration for which you can stay in this country will largely depend on the type of job you will be doing here. While generally the work visa allows you to stay up-to 2 years there are 5 years and 3 years permits for some skilled professionals. The duration can be extended only up to 5 years.

Move to India for study

The second most used option to move to India from the USA is to study in this country. This will require you to be accepted in the institutions for regular, full-time academic programs and then obtain a student visa. On a student visa you can generally stay in this country for a duration of 5 long years. However, if you want to extend the stay that also can be done after fulfilling the valid requirements and process at the Foreign Regional Registration Office.

However, do note, upon arrival in the country after you relocate to India from the USA on a student visa, you need to register with the Foreign Regional Registration Office to obtain the residency permit.

FAQS – Important tips to assist in moving to India from the USA

What are the options for Permanent Residency in India?

There are mainly two options for obtaining permanent residency status (PRC) in India –

· OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Card – This card will provide a lifelong visa and will allow multiple entries into India. After you obtain this card and apply for a permanent residency you will need to fulfill certain other criteria.

· PIO (Persons of Indian Origin) Card – This is a kind of family visa card. In case, your parents or grandparents were born in India and lived here you can obtain this card.

Is Dual Citizenship allowed in India?

No, in India dual citizenship is not allowed.

What are some of the great benefits of living in India?

When you are relocating to India from the USA there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy here. Some of these we are listing here –
· Lesser cost of living
· Fastest growing and dynamic economy
· Good career and study opportunities
· Delicious varieties of local cuisines
· Option to explore and travel the country which has mesmerizing diversity