Finding Entertainment After a Move Abroad

After moving overseas it can be hard to find activities and things to do once you’re settled. Here are some tips for finding entertainment in your new city or country after your international move.

Reach out to coworkers

Whether or not you’ve moved overseas for work, you’ve likely found a job to keep you afloat. When you’re new to the area, your coworkers are a wealth of knowledge about your local region even if they’re expats like yourself. If they’ve been there a while they will know the hot spots in the area and should be able to give you the inside scoop on fun things to do.

Research before you go

When you were researching your host country before your move, did you happen to do any research on particular activities you enjoy? Perhaps your an avid photographer – there is likely a blog or website that offer suggestions on places you should not miss. Enjoy skiing? Do some research on popular skiing resorts in your area. Check out expat blogs and forums for information on local points of interest that people in a similar situation

Explore on your own

After your move you may have some time to spare on your hands before your belongings arrive or before you have to start work. Take that time to explore your new neighborhood and get to know the area. You might stumble upon a theater or cafe that quickly becomes your favorite thing to do while in your host country. While you’re out exploring your new home, socializing with local residents may feel awkward at first, but it will be helpful when you’re new in the area.

Exploring on your own time also gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. If you prefer to linger in a bookstore for a few hours you can do just that.

Try coupon websites

Coupon websites like Groupon and Living Social offer deal-of-the-day coupons for events and activities that you can customize to your location. You may be able to find deals and activities in your area that you enjoy and participate in them at a discounted price – which is especially helpful after a move when money may be tight.

Clubs and organizations

Joining a club or organization while you’re abroad can be an excellent way to find entertainment after you move. You’ll meet more people with similar interests and be able to enjoy those interests while abroad.

Read the local newspaper

Not only will reading the local newspaper and magazines help you learn the language better but you’ll find plenty of local events that are happening. Whether it’s a seasonal festival, local play or the circus is in town – chances are it will have an advertisement in the local paper.

If you’re too preoccupied just after moving, you may have a difficult time finding things to do at first. But after a few weeks, when you’re more settled in, you will be more comfortable in your new surroundings and you’ll be able to head out on your own to find the entertainment you’re looking for!

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