Moving Abroad: Renting vs. Buying Furniture

Whether you’re moving abroad permanently or temporarily, you’re going to need furniture. The only question is should you rent or buy your furniture once you move abroad? This guide will provide information about the differences between renting and buying furniture after moving abroad.

Renting Furniture

If you’re going to be living in an apartment after moving overseas, renting is a good option for you. Keep these in mind when you’re making your furniture decisions after moving abroad:

You won’t have to move it

Many apartments are just temporary residences for students, people who’ve relocated for work and people in between homes. Rented furniture doesn’t have to come with you when you move in or out of an apartment. Sometimes, the companies that you rent your apartment from will suggest companies who offer furniture rental services, and as part of your agreements will deliver and haul away your furniture after your stay. This is particularly useful when you think about how much money you can save on overseas shipping costs.

Furnish your home quickly

If you need to furnish your home quickly for a temporary stay, you won’t have to waste time choosing fabric colors, styles and waiting for special orders to arrive. Furniture rental companies often have package deals for rental furniture that will include everything you’d need for your apartment or home. You won’t have to spend time picking out coordinating pillows for your couches that match your coffee table – someone has already done that for you.

You don’t have to commit to your furniture

Think of it as a test drive for your furniture. Yes, you can test drive your couch when picking it out at the store, but you don’t really get the full effect of lounging on your sofa when you’re in the furniture store. You need a few days to really live in your furniture and see if it will really work for your needs and style. Since you don’t have to commit to your furniture, you’ve also got the freedom to redecorate as you please. It’s not always so easy to sell or get rid of furniture whenever your decorating tastes change.

Buying Furniture

If renting doesn’t seem like a viable option and you’d prefer to own your furniture right from the showroom, then keep these things in mind when shopping for your new home:

Consider your new lifestyle

If you’re moving overseas for work, think about the furniture pieces that you’ll be needing. Will you be spending more time at the office now that you’re working abroad or will you be working less? Maybe you’re retiring abroad and want to spend more time outdoors and outdoor dining areas become more important than what goes in your indoor dining area.

Look at secondhand shops

This is a good option for larger pieces (even if you don’t move abroad). Secondhand stores may have larger items like dining room tables, dressers and chairs for discounted prices that are still in good repair. With just a few repairs or some new upholstery you could create a look that’s entirely your own without spending your entire furniture budget.

Ship your items from home

While it might not be the optimal solution for your furniture needs, with some planning you could ship your furniture from home which will allow you to settle into your new home much quicker. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your new apartment or home abroad might not be large enough to accommodate your furniture from your destination country.

Get Help for Your International Move

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