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Customs Regulations for Bermuda

  • Passport
  • Detailed inventory
  • Customs Bond of 33.38 percent value of the goods, often determined by the insured amount of the goods
    • If the duty and customs fees are than the deposit, the difference will be refunded to the customer. If the duties and fees are more than the deposit, the difference will be billed to the customer.
  • Letter authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment
  • Customer’s presence at customs is advised
  • Used clothing and books are duty-free
  • Appliances 33.4 percent of customs assessed value
  • Furniture and sporting goods 22.25 percent of customs value
  • Antiques 8.5 percent of customs value

  • Weapons of all types, including: flick knives, blowguns, spear guns, crossbows
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Firearms and ammunition (must be accompanied by a permit signed by the commissioner of police)
  • Explosives (including pyrotechnics of any sort)
  • Gold or silver coins
  • Pornographic material
  • Political literature

If any of the above items are included in your shipment, they will either be shipped back to your origin country or abandoned. Additional costs for either option will be charged to the customer.

  • New items (subject to duties and require invoices)
  • Alcohol and tobacco products
  • Fruits, vegetables and soil (require an Import Permit and are subject to inspection upon arrival by the Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and Parks)
  • No vehicle over six months old is permitted to be imported
  • Motorcycles over 100 cc are prohibited
  • Automobiles are restricted by size and engine capacity
  • Duty applies
  • License from the Transport Control Department is required
  • Animal must be at least four months old
  • Import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Parks is required
  • Health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian from the country of origin is required
  • The name, date of birth, breed and description of the animal is required

NOTE – Customs regulations are subject to change at any time. The proceeding information is a brief summary of customs regulations applicable to household goods shipments to this destination and is being provided for general guidance to assist our Agents and Customers. Since such regulations are subject to change without notice, International sea & air shipping cannot be held liable for any costs, damage, delays, or other detrimental events resulting from non-compliance. Always double check with your local embassy or consulate.

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How International Sea & Air Shipping can help for moving to Bermuda

At International Sea & Air Shipping, our professional moving specialists are trained to advise youand oversee your entire overseas move to Bermuda. We offer a variety of shipping services to meet your needs:

  • Your moving timeline. When do you need to be in Bermuda? Should you ship your goods via air or sea freight?
  • Your real estate plans. Will you be renting or buying a home?
  • Your fragile items. Do you require packing or custom crating services?
  • Your family/household size. Are you moving alone or with family? For business or personal reasons?
  • Your cubic feet estimate. How large is your shipment?

How Much Does a Move to Bermuda Cost?

Cost is always an important factor when planning an international move. Moving overseas can becomes quite expensive, which is why it’s so important to choose the right international shippers to transport your goods. At International Sea & Air Shipping, our rates are competitive and affordable, so you don’t have to break your budget to move!

If you’re moving to Bermuda, the ultimate price you pay will depend on a variety of factors, including your shipment size, the services you require, and several other variables.

Get started today and schedule a free in-home estimate with International Sea & Air Shipping. One of our trained moving specialists will visit your home to assess your goods, determine the cubic footage of your shipment, and answer all of your questions. You will then receive a free quote for overseas goods shipping and the other moving services you need.

About Bermuda

Discovered by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez in 1505, Bermuda is officially known as the “Bermudas” or “Somers Islands”. Bermuda also marks the easternmost point of the “Bermuda Triangle”-a mysterious region of the sea where many vessels have disappeared under unexplained conditions.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean near the western wedge of the Sargasso Sea, Bermuda is comprised of a total of 181 islands and the incorporated municipalities of the City of Hamilton and Town of St. George.

The country is strongly influenced by Anglo-Saxon, British and Afro-Caribbean cultures. Bermuda’s culture was accelerated socially and politically and diversified with the infusion of the West Indies. The regions traditional music and dances are also very heavily influenced by African culture.

Finance and tourism are the largest sectors of Bermuda’s economy. The world’s largest fully electronic offshore securities market is the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX). The export and import partners of The export and import partners of Bermuda are Spain, India, Brazil, Germany, US, South KoreaIreland and Singapore.

Moving to Bermuda from The USA

Are you planning an international move to Bermuda? Shipping your household goods overseas requires proper planning and preparation-and professional and reliable international shippers to transport your goods safely and without damage.

International Sea & Air Shipping will provide all of the necessary overseas relocation services to make your transition abroad simple and pain-free. Moving overseas can be stressful and difficult to plan, but hiring experienced international movers is the smartest way to ensure your move is properly prepared for and executed.

If you are moving to Bermuda, International Sea & Air Shipping is here to help you with every step of your overseas relocation.