Moving To Paraguay From The USA

Moving to Paraguay from USA

Paraguay borders Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Located in South America, it is a landlocked nation in the heart of the continent-which is why people sometimes call it the “Corazon de America,” or the “Heart of America.” The country features the Paraguay River, which runs directly through the nation’s center, north to south.

The country has a population of over 6.5 million, with a majority of citizens concentrated in the southeast region. This is where Paraguay’s capital city, Asuncion, is located. Asuncion also happens to be the country’s largest metropolitan area, featuring almost a third of Paraguay’s total population. This area of the country offers the deepest immersion of Paraguay’s culture and history.

Customs Regulations for Paraguay

Moving internationally can get complicated. But like any other country, Paraguay requires all importers to provide specific documentation to customs.

For returning nationals: All Paraguayan citizens living abroad for longer than two years may import their used personal effects and household goods duty and tax-free. Duties still apply to motor vehicles, however. The documents required at the Repatriation Office, located in Asuncion, three weeks prior to the shipment’s arrival include:

  • Paraguayan identification card
  • ID from origin country
  • Inventory (in Spanish)
  • Certificate/letter from Paraguayan Consulate at origin country
  • Bill of Lading notarized by Paraguayan Consulate at origin in two sets

For temporary residents: Duties and port taxes apply for personal effects, household goods and motor vehicles. A Temporary Residence Permit is required at time of shipment’s arrival and the document remains valid for one year (takes about two months to process).

For permanent residents: Permanent Paraguayan citizens can import personal effects and household goods duty and tax-free within six months of obtaining their residence permit. Three weeks prior to shipment’s arrival, the following documentation must be presented to the Immigration Office in Asuncion.

  • Original residence permit
  • Inventory notarized by Paraguayan Consulate at origin country
  • Bill of Lading notarized by Paraguayan Consulate at origin

For foreign diplomats: Diplomats must pay port taxes, but they may import personal effects and household goods duty-free.

Please contact the Paraguayan Consulate in your country for additional information. There may be additional documents required to obtain residence in Paraguay.

When importing your items into Paraguay, here are some important rules to keep in mind:

  • Used personal effects and household goods may be duty-free, depending residence status
  • Shipments must arrive within three months of shipper
  • Your presence is required at customs when shipment arrives
  • You must have a valid passport if you are not a Paraguayan national

Paraguay places seasonal restrictions on some food items. All agricultural items require health inspection that can prolong the import process. For information about items that are prohibited in Paraguay, please see below.

Every country has a list of items that it strictly prohibits people from importing. Here are some items you are not allowed to bring into Paraguay under any circumstances:

  • Firearms, swords and other weapons
  • Military equipment
  • Daggers, hatchets, stilettos
  • Molds and machinery designed for manufacturing currency
  • Canes or fans
  • Obscene books, films, artwork and other objects
  • Gambling items
  • Plants
  • Motor vehicles over 10 years old

If you are planning on importing your automobile into Paraguay, you’ll need the following documentation:

  • Valid passport (if non-resident)
  • Bill of Lading
  • Car condition report – pre-shipment inspection forms
  • SGS or Veritas Verification Certificate

Again, any motor vehicles older than 10 years are not permitted for import.

Paraguay does not place too many restrictions on importing your pet. To bring your animals into the country, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Valid health certificate issued by licensed veterinarian in origin country
  • Vaccination certificate issued by licensed vet from origin


Paraguay charges a customs fee of 0.5 percent and features a value-added tax (VAT) of 10 percent. As for duties, the rates range anywhere from zero percent to 35 percent, the average duty rate sitting at about 22 percent.

For your move to Paraguay, remember to have all proper documentation in the hands of your customs broker at least two weeks prior to the arrival of your shipment. Also, keep in mind that Paraguayan customs regulations are subject to change at any time. For additional information, feel free to consult your local embassy’s website or contact the office directly.

Important information for moving to Paraguay from the USA

Located in South America, Paraguay is a stunning country. It is known for its diverse culture, beautiful nature, and friendly people. The country is also known for its strong economy and high standard of living.

If you are considering moving to Paraguay from the USA, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, you will need to obtain a visa to legally live and work in Paraguay. You will also need to familiarise yourself with the local customs and language, as well as the cost of living in the country.

Let us discuss some of the important relocation information that can help you to move to Paraguay from the USA with less hassle.

Visa and residency permits to move to Paraguay from the USA

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Economy of Paraguay

Paraguay has a mixed economy, with a GDP of around $165 billion as of 2021. The country is rich in natural resources, including soybeans, corn, sugarcane, and timber, and these industries are the largest contributors to the economy. Other important sectors include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services.

Paraguay has been experiencing ongoing economic challenges, including high inflation rates and a relatively low human development index.

However, the government has implemented economic reforms in recent years in an effort to improve the business climate and attract foreign investment.

Cost of living in Paraguay

Top places to live in Paraguay

Healthcare in Paraguay