Overseas Shipping Without the Worry

You’re probably not planning on moving to or from Zimbabwe. Or Croatia. Or Morocco. But if you were, you’d find that the overseas shipping service of International Sea & Air Shipping knows exactly how to get your goods in our out of these countries efficiently and affordably. And that’s true for the dozens of other countries we’ve served in our six decades of international shipping and relocation.

Of all of the tremendous benefits of shipping with the international movers at International Sea & Air, none is greater than our international experience. Our past customers have discovered that our extensive knowledge of the geography, customs, and shipping options has saved them time, money, and grief.



Shipping overseas with an overseas moving company is a string of important details, including:

  • Your estimate. We know that cost is a concern. In response, International Sea & Air Shipping always looks for the most efficient, cost-effective options for everything we do, without sacrificing quality. Other overseas moving companies without our experience are less likely to quote competitively.
  • Forwarding your goods. The overseas shipping process has many options. There are multiple carriers, multiple shipping schedules, multiple routes, and multiple ways that things can go wrong. This is where the international moving experience of International Sea & Air Shipping will make a tremendous difference in the successful execution of your overseas shipping process.
  • Packing your goods. The expert packers at International Sea & Air Shipping look at each assignment as a challenge. It is their job to be efficient, of course, but they also take great pride in knowing that everything they touched arrived in the same condition as when they packed it.
  • Storage. If ever there was potential proof of Murphy’s Law (“If anything can go wrong, it will.”), it is in the business of international shipping. With so many details, an operation such as overseas shipping could go wrong quickly. We have had, for example, many customers who shipped their goods, only to discover on the other end that they are not ready to be received. That means the goods need to be stored and if the country is, say, Tunisia, it helps to have a company such as International Sea & Air Shipping in your corner.

When you are shipping overseas or moving internationally, perhaps the most important benefit is the high level of customer service we provide. Our international agents understand the anxiety you may be experiencing at this time and they will everything possible to make your overseas shipping process a smooth one.

Moving internationally? Let our experience move you!

Not all international moving services are alike. For over 60 years, International Sea & Shipping has been helping people just like you move their business goods and personal effects with safe, reliable, comprehensive, door-to-door shipping and storage services.

Recognized around the world as a leader in international freight forwarding and storage, International Sea & Shipping has earned a reputation among international moving companies for superior communication and service.

Take the first step toward peace of mind in international moving, shipping and storage by completing our detailed form for a prompt, free quote for your international moving company needs. And if you have any questions, call us today at 1-866-315-4170.