Professional International Moving

A Professional International Moving Company Means Peace of Mind

When you consult with your overseas shipping service, you will find that there are countless details, the smallest of which will make a big difference in the overall outcome. At International Sea & Air Shipping, our many decades of experience as an overseas moving company has taught us not only to pay attention to the details, but also how to avoid costly errors.

Packing for an international move is one particular area that may seem insignificant but which can result in broken or misplaced pieces if these details are not addressed. At International Sea & Air Shipping, we go out of our way to protect and preserve all of the items you have entrusted to us when you are moving internationally. For example:

  • We always use new cartons. Some overseas moving companies cut corners by using old cartons. But the structural integrity of old cartons is compromised and will not hold up as well as new cartons.
  • We crate important, special, or delicate items. Instead of trying to shove a square peg into a round hole, your most important items have a crate created to fit their specific weight and dimensions.
  • Cushioning and corner pads will be used to protect vulnerable services.
  • And more…

Our International Moving Services Prepare Us For Any Challenge

Another area in which the experience of a professional international moving company such as International Sea & Air Shipping is invaluable is our knowledge of the customs and entry requirements for any location, anywhere in the world. Through our 60-plus years as a respected overseas shipping company, we have learned that each of the 196 countries in the world have their own rules and their own ways of conducting the business of the entry of goods. We have made it our duty to maintain an active database of knowledge so that we can prepare your shipment properly in anticipation of any challenges on the other end.

One of the most important benefits of our deep experience as international movers is our exceptional customer service, which continues to get rave reviews. Because we know the importance of your move and the anxiety it can cause, we make our agents available to you to answer any question you may have. No question is too small.

Our advanced shipping and tracking technology, combined with our experience and professional staff make International Sea & Air Shipping your best choice for a moving company for your international move.

Moving Internationally? Let Our Experience Move You!

Not all international moving services are alike. For over 70 years, International Sea & Shipping has been helping people just like you move their business goods and personal effects with safe, reliable, comprehensive, door-to-door shipping and storage services.

Recognized around the world as a leader in internationa freight forwarding and storage, International Sea & Shipping has earned a reputation for superior communication and service.

Take the first step toward peace of mind in international moving, shipping and storage by completing our detailed form for a prompt, free quote for your international moving company needs.

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