Tips For Choosing International Movers

Regardless of whether you will relocate your house or office, moving to a new country will be full of adventures. Moving all your possessions from one country to another country will be a stressful task. So, it’s recommended you hire an international moving company to help you in the same.

There will be a huge list of professional movers who can handle your international relocation. However, selecting the wrong company can make the entire process more stressful. In this guide we will learn about a few important steps that will make the process easier and smoother:

1. Choose a reputable moving company

Evaluate the reputation of the international moving company before choosing them for your overseas move. Check online reviews and BBB ( Better Business Bureau) for previous customers experiences.

With customer feedback, you can make a more informed decision. Also, ask friends or relatives for referrals to a trusted international moving company.

2. Seek a head start

Making an overseas move is more difficult than a local move for multiple reasons. In addition to customs regulations, you’ll need various documents when shipping household goods internationally, by sea or air.

You must start planning the move much ahead of time as making the required arrangements will be a lengthy process. It’s recommended to hire an international moving company in advance and not wait until the last few weeks.

Plan your relocation at least two months before the moving day. Whether it’s in summer or winter, this ensures the movers have everything they need for a successful move.

3. Search for specific experience

For an international move, select an experienced moving company with expertise in coordination and execution. Many may promise, but without experience, it’s a big risk.
Since you’re moving most of your lifetime to a new country, an experienced moving company will take steps to prevent damage.

4. Look for a moving company with customs expertise

While hiring an international shipping company you must ensure that the company has adequate knowledge of customs rules and regulations about the country where you will be relocating. A reliable moving company will share with you any anticipated costs like the customs duties, port charges as well as the paperwork required for a hassle-free customs clearance.

There may be a time when you will need to hire a local agent who will manage the customs clearance of your belongings. However, it’s recommended to carefully check with the local consulate or embassy.

5. Seek at least three moving estimates

Choosing the first international movers you come across isn’t a bad idea, but until you compare its moving estimate with a few others you won’t be sure about the decision. So, it’s advisable to obtain on-site moving quotes from a minimum of three companies, before taking your final decision.

When it comes to hiring international movers, you will only get those services for which you will pay. It’s recommended not to go for the cheapest deal as this can land you in big trouble.

6. Check for licenses and bond

You need to check whether an international moving company has a license with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) or not. You can simply check their website or call for confirmation.

Any international movers that deal with ocean freight shipments need to be licensed or they will be considered illegal. Moreover, they will presume that there won’t be any liability if your belongings get lost or damaged.

Overall, it’s a common practice for reputable overseas movers to get their licensing information listed at the bottom of their web page.

7. Ask them important questions

Here’s a list of important questions that you should ask an international moving company before hiring them:

  • Ask them for the Federal Maritime Commission licensing number.
  • Find out the number of years they have been in this business.
  • Ask them whether they know the customs clearance process of the destination country.
  • Find out whether you will need to pay taxes on the household items you need to move.
  • Find out whether they will provide you with a professional packing service or not.
  • Ask whether the international moving company will provide you with moving insurance or not and what is the procedure.
  • Find out the duration of the entire moving process.

By asking the appropriate questions you can align yourself with the most suitable international movers for relocating to a new country.

8. Reading the fine print is important

Before hiring an international moving company, make sure you read the fine print in their moving estimate. Usually, any exclusions will be mentioned at the bottom of the moving quote and you can check the potential charges as well.

It will be a good idea to request the moving company to read out the details of the moving estimate and don’t feel hesitant to ask them if you feel anything isn’t included. If a moving company is reputable, in the first place they won’t have any hidden costs. But it’s recommended to read every possible detail before you enter into a contract with an international moving company.

9. Response time is imperative

Relocating to a new country is an arduous task, so you will need quick confirmation from an international moving company. So, if a moving company isn’t interested in helping you relocate, consider moving on and choose another company.

Frequently asked questions

What is the average cost of an overseas relocation?

The cost of an international move will depend upon the move size ( weight and volume of your possessions), the services required, and the distance from your current location to your new home.

Can I pack my possessions for an international move?

Although you can pack the possessions by yourself, still many international movers will offer professional packing services as well. By taking the service of the professionals you will ensure that all the belongings will be safe and secure during the transit.

What should I look for while hiring an international moving company?

You must look for a moving company that has a good reputation in the market, the required credentials, experience in overseas moves, and offers an array of services. It’s also recommended to check the pricing offered by a moving company and the experience of the customers with that company.

Moving household items to a new country won’t be an easy thing to do. So, you should look for the best international movers who will help you easily walk through the entire process. You should consider all the above factors before hiring an international moving company, but at the same time, you shouldn’t ignore your gut as well. Hire a moving company that will make you feel comfortable.

Overall, if you choose the correct and experienced moving company, your anxiety will reduce to a great extent which in turn will help you contribute towards the other aspects of the move.

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