Moving to Barbados from USA

An independent British Commonwealth nation, Barbados is an island country in the Caribbean located in the Atlantic Ocean. Since its liberation in 1966 from the United Kingdom, Barbados, and the United States have enjoyed a good bilateral international relationship.

The country is known for its warm sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and crystal-clear waters. The country has a rich history and culture, with a population of approximately 283,000 people.

Barbados is also home to several popular tourist attractions, including the National Hero Square, St. Michael Cathedral, and the Atlantis Cloisters. The island is approximately 21 km in length and 14 km in width, with the capital city being Bridgetown.

If you are planning to move to Barbados from the USA and looking forward to a hassle-free international relocation, let us help with this moving guide.

Moving to Barbados from USA

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Important information for moving to Barbados from the USA

When you are moving to Barbados from the USA you will need to research the process and paperwork that are required. There are different types of visas and residency options available for short and long duration of stay in this Caribbean island.

To move to Barbados from the USA, you will need to have a valid work contract with a Barbados-based employer or attend school in Barbados. You will also need to have a legal work permit and meet the immigration requirements, which include a medical examination, background check, and academic qualifications. Once you meet the criteria, you will need to apply for a visa and travel to Barbados.

However, moving to a new country and settling there is more than just paperwork. You will also need to have a good idea about the climate and culture of the new place. These will help you in the process of settling down smoothly.

Visa options for moving to Barbados from the USA

Residency Permit

Residency permits are nothing but long-stay visas. So, when you are planning to move to Barbados from the USA and stay there for a long term, you will need to understand how the residency permit works.

These permits are issued for the following purposes:

Note that these are temporary residency permits and will be valid for a period of 5 years. You need to apply for them to the Immigration Department. However, when you have stayed in Barbados on temporary residency permits for a period of 5 years, you become eligible for a permanent residency permit.

Different visas and duration to move to Barbados

Just like a temporary residency permit, Barbados has a short-stay visa. This will allow you to stay in Barbados for durations ranging from 28 days to 6 months. The short-stay visa is issued for the following purposes:

Barbados issues long-stay visas. This visa allows you to stay in this Caribbean country for one year. A long-stay visa is issued for the following purposes:

Visa fees

The fees for the visas depend on the type of visas you are applying for. Here is an idea –

Single entry visa: The fee for this is US$107. With this type of visa, you are allowed once to enter Barbados within 90 days.

Multiple entry visa: The fee is US$211. When you hold this visa you can enter Barbados multiple times within six months.

When you make the payment at a bank for the visa fee you need to address the payment to the ‘Chief Immigration Officer’, duly signed and dated.

Climate in Barbados

When you are relocating to Barbados from the USA you need to consider the climate of this country. Barbados has a tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit throughout the year.

The island experiences distinct wet and dry seasons, with the wet season lasting from June to November and the dry season running from December to May. During the wet season, rainfall is frequent and often heavy, while the dry season is characterized by sunny weather and relatively low humidity.

Note that, Barbados is also prone to hurricanes, with the peak hurricane season occurring from June to November.

Cost of living in Barbados

Living in Barbados as an expat – what to expect?