Moving To Taiwan

Taiwan is a country located in East Asia and is known for its rich culture, natural beauty, and technological advancements. It has a unique blend of traditional Chinese culture and modern innovations, which make it a popular tourist and expat destination. 

Taiwan is also famous for its electronics industry, with many well-known companies such as Acer and Asus being based there offering a wide range of tech jobs. Additionally, Taiwan has a strong culinary scene, with local dishes such as bubble tea and stinky tofu gaining popularity around the world.

Overall, Taiwan’s combination of cultural heritage, natural wonders, and technological progress make it a renowned destination for travellers and businesses alike.

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An island in East Asia, the democratic country of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) is officially known as the Republic of China because it used to rule mainland China.

One of the most densely populated countries in the world, Taiwan has around 648 people per square kilometer, most of which are situated in the largest metropolitan area comprised of Taipei, New Taipei and Keelung.

Boasting the 21st-largest economy in the world, Taiwan is ranked highly for its freedom of press, healthcare, public education, economic freedom and human development and is considered an advanced industrial economy.

Customs Regulations for Taiwan

  • Passport (original and copies for each member of your family)
  • Birth certificate (for each child moving abroad if applicable)
  • Marriage license (copy if applicable)
  • Resident visa and certificate of residence
  • Work permit (copy)
  • Proof of employment
  • Letter allowing Destination Agent to clear shipment at Customs
  • Detailed inventory (copy)
  • Customer’s arrival certificate (yellow page)
  • Customs Declaration Form for unaccompanied baggage (describing quantity and value of each item, must be made upon customer’s arrival)
  • You must be present in Taiwan for your shipment to clear Customs
  • Your shipment must arrive within six months of your arrival in Taiwan
  • All shipments are subject to inspection
  • Used household goods may be eligible for duty-free import provided they are in suitable quantities

In Taiwan, some articles may not be imported in a customer’s baggage whatsoever. These items include, but may not be limited to:

  • Narcotics and other drugs
  • Weapons: knives, bows, firearms, ammunition and explosives (toy weapons also prohibited)
  • Pornographic material
  • Gambling tools
  • Food, trees, plants, soil and vegetables
  • Uncooked meat and poultry
  • All items from the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C)

Some articles may have restricted quantities or require special authorization/ payments of duties and taxes to clear customs in Taiwan. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Tobacco products (requires import permit)
  • Currency and gold bullion (requires import permit)
  • Wine (subject to high duties and taxes)
  • New items and appliances (should be reduced or repacked to avoid duties)
  • Electrical items (limit one of each type per family – TVs, personal computers, stereos, etc.)
  • Animal fur, skin, ivory or endangered species (owner must obtain city approval from origin country before sending to Taiwan)

In Taiwan, only one vehicle is allowed per customer and vehicles less than a year or more than ten years old are prohibited. To import a vehicle you will need the following documents:

  • Owner’s passport
  • Owner’s residence visa
  • Purchase invoice
  • Work certificate
  • Owner’s driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration/title
  • Letter from owner’s employer
  • Description of vehicle (make, model, year, color, engine number, air-conditioned, radio, right/left-hand drive, etc.)
  • Import permit

All animals are subject to quarantine upon arrival. After quarantine, the pet must be under the owner’s supervision on his or her premises for at least six months. When importing a petto Taiwan, he or she will need to have the following documentation:

  • Import permit
  • Work certificate
  • Owner’s passport with first three pages (copy along with entry form)
  • Residence certificate (copy)
  • Application form to the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine
  • Health certificate (original, certified by a foreign veterinarian and Agricultural Bureau of State)
    • Certificate must state pet species, breed, sex and age
  • Rabies vaccination certificate (original, must be administered prior to travel, but no more than 180 days prior to departure)
    • Must be certified by Agricultural Bureau of State
  • Six photos of the pet (in color, 4 x 6, of front and profile views)

Certain items may be imported duty-free if the Customer is over 20-years-old. These items include:

  • 200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or one pound of tobacco
  • One bottle (not exceeding 1 litre) of alcoholic liquor
  • A reasonable quantity of perfume
  • Goods imported for non-commercial purposes up to a value of 20,000 TWD provided passenger’s last visit to Chinese Taipei was more than 30 days ago
    • Passengers under 20-years- old allowed goods up to value of 10,000 TWD

Important information for moving to Taiwan from the USA

Are you planning to relocate to Taiwan from the USA? Here are the things you need to know to plan a hassle-free move.

Taiwan, officially called the Republic of China (ROC), is a country situated in East Asia. It is an island nation, with an area of 35,980 square kilometers and a population of approximately 23 million people. Taipei City is the capital of Taiwan and its largest city.

The island has a diverse landscape, with two-thirds of it being mountains, while the rest consists of flat to gently rolling plains. Taiwan’s economy is highly developed and is known for its technological advancements in various industries, such as semiconductors, information technology, and biotechnology. Its currency is the New Taiwan dollar.

Let us discuss some of the important immigration information in detail, which will ease your move to Taiwan from the USA.

Visa process and requirements to move to Taiwan from the USA

Work Visa

Study Visa

You can move to Taiwan on a student visa. There are different types of student visas available to move to Taiwan from the USA. However, the ground rule is that before applying for any of the student visas, you will need to be accepted by a Taiwanese educational organization. Here is a list of the different types of Taiwanese study visas –

  • Visa for full-time foreign students (Ph.D., MA, BA, high school or below).
  • Visa for international exchange students.
  • Study visa for overseas Chinese students wishing to study in Taiwan.
  • Study visa for foreigners wishing to learn Mandarin Chinese.

Family Reunification Visa

When you are getting a family reunification visa you can work and study in Taiwan. However, there are strict eligibility criteria for obtaining a family visa to move to Taiwan from the USA. You will get more details on the official website.

Top reasons to move to Taiwan from the USA

Cost of living in Taiwan