Tips for Selling Your Home Before Moving Abroad

When selling your home before moving abroad there are things you’ll need to take care of during the selling process. And if you’re not getting too many offers on your house, read these tips so that you’re not struggling to offload your property just before a big international move.

When selling your home before moving abroad, it’s important to remember that you should start the process early on. Sometimes, selling a home can take months from start to finish and if the market is bad it could take even longer to sell your home.

Fix any major problems with the house

If there are any major outstanding problems with your house you should have them fixed before selling. It might not seem worth it to fix things in a house you have no plans on living in, but unless you’re selling your home to a builder or contractor, look at your house from a normal buyer’s perspective. If the house has a leaky roof, and the owner has no plans for repairs, would you want to buy it?


Update decor

Staging your home when you’re selling can make a big difference when showing your home to potential buyers. Your Realtor can help you with tips for staging your furniture and rooms in your home to showcase it in the best way so buyers can see the potential.

If your home is cluttered, it will look smaller. Getting rid of cluttered areas or paring down decor can make a world of difference when doing walk-throughs of the home during open houses. Besides, you’ll need to downsize your belongings when moving internationally anyway, right?

Curb appeal matters

Your home’s curb appeal matters when you need to sell it. Broken shutters, hanging gutters and dried up flower beds don’t make a good first impression when you’re trying to sell your home before moving abroad.

Take a weekend and make some changes to the outside of your home. A quick power washing to clean the exterior could be all you need.

Incentives can help sweeten the deal

When moving abroad you might not plan on taking your furniture with you. Offering your furniture and furnishings as an incentive for buying might help you get a boost in traffic to your house. Throwing in your patio furniture or lawn mower might make the deal sweet enough for the buyer to put in an offer on the house.

Consider a price reduction

As hard as it may be to accept, if the market isn’t doing so well when you’re trying to sell your home before your big move abroad, lowering the price might be your best option. Lowering the price of your home could get more buyers through the door. Take a look at what similar homes are selling for you in your neighborhood to get a better idea of what your home should be priced at.

Not selling

If selling your home is not an option, you could sublet your home while you’re away. Subletting could help offset the cost of your mortgage making the stress of paying the mortgage negligible.

Keeping your home instead of selling it before moving abroad should be considered if your home is increasing in value. If you do decide to keep it, then paying off a large portion of the mortgage before you leave will help lower the monthly payments for you.

Regardless of selling your home, moving abroad is a big decision that should be carefully planned and prepared for. Let International Sea and Air shipping help you every step of the way.

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