What items should I leave out of my household goods shipment?

When preparing for an international move, deciding what items to include in your household goods shipment is a crucial step. While you may want to bring along as much of your belongings as possible, there are certain items that you should leave out of your shipment. Understanding what items are prohibited or restricted can help ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation process.

Prohibited items will vary depending on the customs regulations of your destination country. Your international moving specialist will be able to guide you on the customs process and provide you with more information on what can or cannot be included in your shipment. You can also contact your destination country’s consulate office for more information.

However, there are certain items that should never be included in an overseas shipment due to safety, legal, or environmental concerns. Let’s delve deeper into the categories of items that you should leave out of your household goods shipment:

Hazardous or Flammable Materials

These include items such as:


This category includes:


While some countries allow the import of firearms under specific conditions, many have stringent regulations governing their importation. It’s crucial to research and comply with the firearms laws of your destination country. Generally, firearms should not be included in your shipment without prior authorization or permits from the relevant authorities.

Illegal Narcotics

Counterfeit Goods

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