Moving To Iraq From The US

Moving To Iraq

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Moving to Iraq from the U.S.

Worried about relocation between Iraq and USA? International Sea & Air Shipping is your right partner. All your belongings will be delivered safely by air or sea, depending on your choice of International moving services and also on your moving budget.

When Moving to Iraq

Depending on your budget and moving requirements, International Sea & Air Shipping will provide you the best option that will make your move smooth and hassle free. Some of the major moving criteria includes:

  • When will you be moving to Iraq?
  • When would you like your shipment to arrive in Iraq and at what port or airport?
  • Intended length of stay in Iraq?

How Much Does it Cost to Move to Iraq?

The cost of moving will be calculated based on the desired destination and as well on the cubic footage of the cargo.

To get the free estimate of your moving, fix an appointment with our home inspector who is an expert in estimating the cost of your move by looking at the quantity and quality of your household goods.

About Iraq

Iraq officially called as the Republic of Iraq is a West Asian country. Historically Iraq was known by the name of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was always called as “the land of Iraq” in Arabic, meaning “the fertile” or “deep-rooted land”.

The Constitution defines Iraq as an Islamic, democratic, federal parliamentary republic. The Federal government of Iraq comprises of Executive, Legislative, Judicial and many independent commissions.

Iraq is 58th-largest country in the world. It is about the size of US state of California and a little bit bigger than Paraguay. Iraq is bordered by Iran, JordanKuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey.

Iraq has 2nd largest oil reserves in the world. Oil Sector heavily dominates to economy of Iraq. It has traditionally been a major source of income; in fact it has provided over 95% of the foreign exchange reserves. Major trading partners of Iraq are US, India, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Germany.

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