Transporting your valuable antiques and artwork overseas for your move may make you slightly uneasy. Often very delicate and extremely valuable, these important pieces must be properly packed and carefully handled to safely cross oceans to your new home. Read on for some useful tips for shipping your fine artwork and antiques to your destination country without damage or mishap.

Find out the customs regulations

Customs regulations vary depending on your destination country, and it’s imperative to have all the facts before importing your artwork and antiques. Most countries have regulations on importing these items, and may require specific paperwork or the payment of duties or taxes for your antiques or artwork to successfully clear customs. You may need to obtain a permit or show a certification of the piece’s age or authenticity. Do thorough research for more information on the customs regulations in the country you are moving to, or contact the local embassy or consulate. When hiring an international mover to ship your antiques and artwork, they will often aid in the customs process by proving an agent to ensure everything goes smoothly and your goods enter your new home country safely.

Proper packing is a must

Artwork and antiques are delicate and often extremely valuable. It is crucial to take extra care and use the proper materials and methods to pack and handle these items.

  • You should always clean your artwork or antiques before packing and shipping.
  • Never use bubble wrap directly on the surface of artwork or delicate wood–the bubbles can leave behind unsightly impressions and the plastic can ruin the finish on beautiful antique furniture.
  • Boxes must be carefully chosen to ensure they are the proper size. This will keep the contents stationary during transit and prevent any damage. They should be made specifically for shipping fine art and antiques.
  • Protective tape over the glass frames of paintings can help reinforce it against outside pressure to prevent cracks or shattering.
  • Higher-value pieces should be crated for optimal protection.

When dealing with items as fragile and valuable as artwork and antiques, it is a good idea to leave the packing up to the professionals. At International Sea & Air Shipping, we offer professional packing, custom crating and shipping of high-value artwork and antiques to prevent scratches, dents, or other unsightly damage to your precious pieces. Every item’s packaging is customized by its weight, measurements and material. We carefully wrap and pack using acid-free protective storage materials and custom-crate every item on a case-by-case basis.

Get insurance

When shipping items as valuable as artwork and antiques, you should always purchase extra insurance in case of any unfortunate circumstances . If your pieces are somehow lost or damaged while being shipped abroad, you want the comfort of knowing you will be adequately compensated. Before purchasing an insurance policy, you may want to get the piece appraised by a knowledgeable art or antique dealer. If you know the full value of your item you can ensure your coverage will be sufficient.

Most international moving services offer insurance options for your shipment. International Sea & Air Shipping offers Marine Insurance with full door-to-door coverage–meaning your items are protected from the time they leave your old home until they arrive at your new home. Contact us for more information on our available insurance options.

Get international shipping quotes today

To get a free quote for your international move, fill out our easy online estimate form or schedule an in-home survey today! An overseas moving specialist will visit your home to assess your goods, including your artwork and antiques, and provide you with an accurate estimate to ship your belongings to your new country! International Sea & Air Shipping will make your overseas relocation an easy one.